Feb 13, 2012

Local Coffee Shops part 5

Local Coffee

"Local Coffee" is a cool place over off of sonterra blvd in SA tx. It has a slight rustic and urban feel but is still warm. Not too mechanistic.

When I arrived I was greeted by a casual hello and a warm introduction to any questions I may have had. The barista behind the counter made me a beautiful latte with some hearts and vanilla. 'twas delicious!

The restrooms were clean and neatly stocked with extra supplies and the music was good and quiet.

I can't stand it when u go to a coffee house and the music is so loud u can't even read your book or talk to your friend across the table.

All in all Local Coffee gets a 8/10. I wasn't wowed by anything but It was an overall good experience.

Here are some pics from my experience.

Jan 26, 2012

Glitter Keys

Hey all! Have you ever wanted to replace your house keys with a fun designed key. I know that my keys get confusing cause they all look the same. So I found this idea on pinterest and wanted to try it out to see if it really worked...an it DID!

Craft Materials:
A key of your choice
Elmer's Glue
Glitter of your choice
Clear nail polish
And some Patience...

Step 1: wash & dry your key.
Step 2: put a thin layer of Elmer's glue on one side of key.
Step 3: pour desired amount of glitter on and shake excess off.
Step 4: let dry for one hour.

Step 5: return to your key and repeat steps 2-4 on back side.

Step 6: return to first side and seal with a medium-thick, layer of clear nail polish. (It helps if u drip a glob on and then spread around)
Step 7: let dry one hour.

Step 8: repeat step 6&7 for the other side.
Step 9: let dry one hour.

Step 10: When you return to your key again it should be sealed and dry. You can take some nail polish remover and dip a q-tip, to clean out the grooves of the key part. Just to make sure you don't get glitter stuck in any locks.

Step 11: Enjoy!

Glitter your life :D

Dec 30, 2011

Button Bobby Pins

You know how every time u get a new shirt or jacket u get eXtRa bUTtOns?? Well I have been wracking up the extras and I wanted to put them to good use!


Button Bobby Pins!

What you need:
1. Buttons whatever you've got.
2. Hot glue gun and glue
3. Patience and some music!!
4. Bobby pins

How to: it's Easier than pie

Step one: choose button
Step two: dab small amount of glue on the back of a pin
Step three: stick pin to button
- let them dry button face down


IMPORTANT!!!!: make sure that you glue the bumpy side of the pin to the button...so you can slide the correct side into your hair.

You can use other stuff too. The button at the top of the picture has some extra string from a bridesmaid dress I didn't need. Used it to create a sorta flower look.

Just be creative and have fun!

Happy "pinning",
<3 Shadia

Dec 18, 2011

DIY Christmas Wreath!

This year I wanted to make an addition to my christmas decorations. My friend Allie brought me this idea and I fell in love! 

DIY Yarn Wreath! (sorry about the poor quality of this picture, it's from my iPhone...the cannon was uber dead and I was just too excited to post!)

Things you need: 
(that can all be purchased at your local hobby lobby or walmart)

One 12-inch foam wreath
A giant roll of yarn: you choose your colors
roughly 3-5 Sheets of "felt paper" - two for the roses...in case you want to try different styles of petals
and then variations of green for leaves. 
Bells, pearls etc: any small accent feature you like. gems work too!
glue gun and glue

Wrap your foam wreath with the yarn...let it look jumbled. imperfections are ok! (im a perfectionist and i had a hard time with this. but it turned out great! 
I wrapped mine twice to make it look thicker. its a preference thing.

Then tie off the end of the yarn and glue it in the back to make sure it doesn't unravel. 

Take a piece of felt about 10 inches in length and make a loop, this will be the hanging piece, so glue WELL! 

For the rosettes, take a plastic cup and trace the bottom circle so that you have some the same size. you can wrap them tighter for smaller ones and loosely for bigger roses. 
-- cut out the circle, then cut into the circle in a spiral pattern. Once you have done this you can start to wrap the spiral tight and you will see the rosette effect appear. 

Then cut leave shapes out of the green.

Then start gluing: attach leaves and rosettes in a fun pattern all together or in a row like i did. It makes for a fun project and something you can reuse over and over again! 

Feel free to make it your own and take any creative liberty you like. I had fun and I'm sure you will too!

the craftaholic,  

Dec 15, 2011

Local Coffee shops part 4!

I have to say that this place fits in a somewhat of a category of its own. They offer coffee and the general house variety but there is so much more. I was enamored by the tuscan style that I didn't want to leave. I expected to stay about five minutes and run back home...well I was in for a treat. I ended up staying for about an hour, taking tons of pictures (i apologize for the low quality all i had was my iphone) and relaxing on the beautiful garden patio.

Candlelight Coffee House is definitely one of my new favorite places to visit. They have cornered a market that combines wine and beer with your favorite coffee or espresso drink.
 The first thing you see is this beautiful wine set up that has a large assortment to browse.
Then you are greeted by the bar and barista behind the counter. The one staff member I met was very nice and answered all my detailed questions. 
The patio is just beautiful and they have space heaters for those nippy texas nights...it's covered in ivy and enclosed by a beautiful white picket fence. It reminded me of the secret garden. 

They have free internet and quite a few tables to sit and relax, as well as oversized couches. 
 What a variety of coffee! beautiful site for my coffee lovin' eyes! 

The only downside of the sweet place is the parking. there is no lot directly connected that I could tell...there is street parking but only on specific parts of the street. 

For me the "Pro's" definitely outweigh the Parking "Con". 

another successful coffee outing...ill be taking Brent for a special brunch date on saturday ! 10-2pm saturdays and sundays! 

I love coffee,

Dec 7, 2011

Local Coffee Shops Part 3

Hi guys, So this is way passed due. I just can't seem to keep up during the Holiday season...too many hobbies so little time. haha

Well this episode of Local Coffee Shops is to include a small shop called "The Brown Coffee Company". 

It's a small little corner shop over by fredericksburg rd in SA.

 the owner.
 My friend Libby and I decided to check it out and we were delighted. thebrowncoffeeco.com has a smaller menu than most coffee shops but its more of a secondary priority to their roasting.
the roaster.

 we got it 'dirty'. pure cane sugar (simple syrup) and non dairy milk w/ toddy (aka cold brewed espresso). 

 The owner was so nice to open his doors after he had just closed and it was a very cool experience. He just closed up while we enjoyed our coffee and took some cool shots of the shop.

I'm hoping to visit another shop by the end of the week so tune in!

Dec 4, 2011


So I have been MIA for a while because of work and Social reasons. Friends getting married and showers for brides. I re wrote all of our chalk board menus at work and I think they look pretty good. I only have "after" shots but believe me they are Much neater.


Well have a great winter weekend!
- Shadia
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