Dec 7, 2011

Local Coffee Shops Part 3

Hi guys, So this is way passed due. I just can't seem to keep up during the Holiday season...too many hobbies so little time. haha

Well this episode of Local Coffee Shops is to include a small shop called "The Brown Coffee Company". 

It's a small little corner shop over by fredericksburg rd in SA.

 the owner.
 My friend Libby and I decided to check it out and we were delighted. has a smaller menu than most coffee shops but its more of a secondary priority to their roasting.
the roaster.

 we got it 'dirty'. pure cane sugar (simple syrup) and non dairy milk w/ toddy (aka cold brewed espresso). 

 The owner was so nice to open his doors after he had just closed and it was a very cool experience. He just closed up while we enjoyed our coffee and took some cool shots of the shop.

I'm hoping to visit another shop by the end of the week so tune in!

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