Feb 3, 2011

Bucket List #35

So I was reading over my bucket list and I realized that a have BUILT SOMETHING! Brent and I built a Bar to put in our home when we moved away from school. Brent definitely did most of the math and design but the actual building we did together. His dad is a mechanical engineer and has lots of wood carving equipment. We cut, sanded, glued and nailed everything together over a period of a few weeks. It was a fun project and I'm glad we did it. But I don't really see myself doing that much more these days.  other than the fact that the saw scared the crud out of me, It's messy and hard to maintain a weather free atmosphere where we live. We don't have a garage to keep things or store them while in the process of building.

All in all I enjoyed the task it self and it was very rewarding to know that other people can appreciate your handy work.

Here is a picture of Brent's Bar. 
It has a "P" on the top but it has faded. We will probably cover it with a liquid plastic but we dont have the space to do it where it wont get all over our floors.  
 Bucket List #35 Complete. 

The plastic finish looks something like this. Brent built this high night stand table for me as a proposal gift. 

Whats on your Bucket List? 
Shadia <+><

Feb 2, 2011

Sticking to it.

Today I tried on a pair of snow ski pants I bought in march. I have worn them one time and today I could not get them on! Ugh so disappointed. I have wavered in healthy eating too.
Which I'm not so proud of...I need to find that band wagon an get back on for good!!

I've been to a crossfit..loved it but not cheap!

I want to try yoga but I don't know if it's enough cardio.

And every time I try to run I get bored after a week.

There has got to be something out there that is inexpensive and fun!?...

But I also can't do anything that requires video game console. Not enough room in my apartment or motivation when I'm cooped up.

Any ideas readers?!
Leave a comment!!
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