Nov 14, 2011

Book Club - Hunger Games

I cant even tell you how excited I am for this book to be made into a movie! Just having watched the trailer I got goosebumps all over!!! I love watching the things I imagine while reading, come to life in a movie. The trailer alone amplified my previous images and was so close to what I saw in my mind while I paged through book one. Suzanne Collins is so wonderful at creating a setting that you can visualize exactly what she wants you to see! She gives enough detail to create a picture that is unforgettable.

The movie comes out March 23, 2012!!! 

 I LOVE this series and I can't wait to finish, Catching Fire and Mocking Jay. I'll be sure to book club about them soon!

Read, Read, & Read some more!! 
~ Shadia 

Nov 10, 2011

Our Personal Baker

H & H Bakes and Cakes
by David Hammer
Today I'm featuring a local baker, David Hammer. He creates all the wonderful goodies we sell at 'The Foundry'. He makes fresh cakes, flavored breads, ghiradelli brownies, lemon squares and the best apricot bars you ever tasted! 

We have very loyal customers that happen to buy coffee when they come by because they want his creations so intensely! 

Come by or give him a call @(210)-834-6177 and get something made just for you! 

Enjoy your treats!

Local Coffee Shops Part 2

Sorry this post is so late...this week has been overwhelmingly busy! Instead of every monday I will just make an attempt to make it once a week. 

Today I am featuring 'The Foundry'. A local gem of a coffee shop located on the corner of Huisache and McCullough, near downtown San Antonio. I have to warn you, I have somewhat of a subjective opinion, because I work there. I'll do my best to stay objective. 

The Foundry is a non profit organization founded by Alamo Heights United Methodist Church. They do missions throughout the surrounding area of The Foundry and try to help as many people as they can. 

They have good customer service (couldn't help myself) and quality coffee. They have four brewed coffees daily and regular espresso drinks as well. They also feature smoothies, tea & lemonade. 

Lunch is served from 11am - 2pm. 

At the foundry there are two separate seating areas. One for the lunch crowd and music and another for people who need to study or read while they drink coffee or eat a tasty panini. I sit here at the foundry typing and taking full advantage of their FREE Wi-Fi!! 

Seating area #1

Seating area #2


                                                          Fun coffee sleeves for sale $3.00

 Well that was a lot of info but check it out ! Operating hours are as follows: 7am - 5pm M & Fr, 7am - 9:30 om tues-thurs and 8- 3 on saturdays!! Lots of fun specials and regular entertainment in the middle of the week!

Hope you come visit us
Shadia :-)
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