Nov 14, 2011

Book Club - Hunger Games

I cant even tell you how excited I am for this book to be made into a movie! Just having watched the trailer I got goosebumps all over!!! I love watching the things I imagine while reading, come to life in a movie. The trailer alone amplified my previous images and was so close to what I saw in my mind while I paged through book one. Suzanne Collins is so wonderful at creating a setting that you can visualize exactly what she wants you to see! She gives enough detail to create a picture that is unforgettable.

The movie comes out March 23, 2012!!! 

 I LOVE this series and I can't wait to finish, Catching Fire and Mocking Jay. I'll be sure to book club about them soon!

Read, Read, & Read some more!! 
~ Shadia 

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