Dec 15, 2011

Local Coffee shops part 4!

I have to say that this place fits in a somewhat of a category of its own. They offer coffee and the general house variety but there is so much more. I was enamored by the tuscan style that I didn't want to leave. I expected to stay about five minutes and run back home...well I was in for a treat. I ended up staying for about an hour, taking tons of pictures (i apologize for the low quality all i had was my iphone) and relaxing on the beautiful garden patio.

Candlelight Coffee House is definitely one of my new favorite places to visit. They have cornered a market that combines wine and beer with your favorite coffee or espresso drink.
 The first thing you see is this beautiful wine set up that has a large assortment to browse.
Then you are greeted by the bar and barista behind the counter. The one staff member I met was very nice and answered all my detailed questions. 
The patio is just beautiful and they have space heaters for those nippy texas's covered in ivy and enclosed by a beautiful white picket fence. It reminded me of the secret garden. 

They have free internet and quite a few tables to sit and relax, as well as oversized couches. 
 What a variety of coffee! beautiful site for my coffee lovin' eyes! 

The only downside of the sweet place is the parking. there is no lot directly connected that I could tell...there is street parking but only on specific parts of the street. 

For me the "Pro's" definitely outweigh the Parking "Con". 

another successful coffee outing...ill be taking Brent for a special brunch date on saturday ! 10-2pm saturdays and sundays! 

I love coffee,

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