Dec 18, 2011

DIY Christmas Wreath!

This year I wanted to make an addition to my christmas decorations. My friend Allie brought me this idea and I fell in love! 

DIY Yarn Wreath! (sorry about the poor quality of this picture, it's from my iPhone...the cannon was uber dead and I was just too excited to post!)

Things you need: 
(that can all be purchased at your local hobby lobby or walmart)

One 12-inch foam wreath
A giant roll of yarn: you choose your colors
roughly 3-5 Sheets of "felt paper" - two for the case you want to try different styles of petals
and then variations of green for leaves. 
Bells, pearls etc: any small accent feature you like. gems work too!
glue gun and glue

Wrap your foam wreath with the yarn...let it look jumbled. imperfections are ok! (im a perfectionist and i had a hard time with this. but it turned out great! 
I wrapped mine twice to make it look thicker. its a preference thing.

Then tie off the end of the yarn and glue it in the back to make sure it doesn't unravel. 

Take a piece of felt about 10 inches in length and make a loop, this will be the hanging piece, so glue WELL! 

For the rosettes, take a plastic cup and trace the bottom circle so that you have some the same size. you can wrap them tighter for smaller ones and loosely for bigger roses. 
-- cut out the circle, then cut into the circle in a spiral pattern. Once you have done this you can start to wrap the spiral tight and you will see the rosette effect appear. 

Then cut leave shapes out of the green.

Then start gluing: attach leaves and rosettes in a fun pattern all together or in a row like i did. It makes for a fun project and something you can reuse over and over again! 

Feel free to make it your own and take any creative liberty you like. I had fun and I'm sure you will too!

the craftaholic,  

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