Dec 30, 2011

Button Bobby Pins

You know how every time u get a new shirt or jacket u get eXtRa bUTtOns?? Well I have been wracking up the extras and I wanted to put them to good use!


Button Bobby Pins!

What you need:
1. Buttons whatever you've got.
2. Hot glue gun and glue
3. Patience and some music!!
4. Bobby pins

How to: it's Easier than pie

Step one: choose button
Step two: dab small amount of glue on the back of a pin
Step three: stick pin to button
- let them dry button face down


IMPORTANT!!!!: make sure that you glue the bumpy side of the pin to the you can slide the correct side into your hair.

You can use other stuff too. The button at the top of the picture has some extra string from a bridesmaid dress I didn't need. Used it to create a sorta flower look.

Just be creative and have fun!

Happy "pinning",
<3 Shadia

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