Feb 13, 2012

Local Coffee Shops part 5

Local Coffee

"Local Coffee" is a cool place over off of sonterra blvd in SA tx. It has a slight rustic and urban feel but is still warm. Not too mechanistic.

When I arrived I was greeted by a casual hello and a warm introduction to any questions I may have had. The barista behind the counter made me a beautiful latte with some hearts and vanilla. 'twas delicious!

The restrooms were clean and neatly stocked with extra supplies and the music was good and quiet.

I can't stand it when u go to a coffee house and the music is so loud u can't even read your book or talk to your friend across the table.

All in all Local Coffee gets a 8/10. I wasn't wowed by anything but It was an overall good experience.

Here are some pics from my experience.

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