Oct 31, 2011

Local Coffee Shops Part 1 - Aspen Brew

Today I am beginning a series "All About Coffee"!!

If you know me, you know that my blood practically runs espresso brown. I am in love with the atmosphere and general feeling that coffee shops provide for patrons in their area.  This series is going to focus on the different places around the San Antonio area where the locals seek refuge from the daily grind. (haha grind).

Anyway, as much as I do love coffee and the miracle of caffeine that it provides us zombie non morning people, I care almost equally about the atmosphere and purpose of a business.  

Today I am at Aspen Brew Coffee, Cafe and Catering. 

They offer a lot of different types of drinks, but moreover they have a regular lunch menu and catering. Most coffee houses smell like the roasting beens and have the sounds of blenders. This sweet place has some of the coffee smell but also a hint of yummy food cooking and roasting. I enjoyed the atmosphere but the only draw back was the noise. It has concrete floors and a very echoing noise level. I'd prefer quiet over noisy, but thats just me. 
They have quite an extensive menu and friendly staff to help you with your questions. 
There is a patio too if you would rather enjoy the gentle noise of traffic on a side street and the view of the sky across the way. 

I'd rate their overall appeal at a 7.5 during lunch and an 8 in the evening. It gets quieter. :-)
So go visit Aspen Brew and try their food too! 

Check back every Monday for a Coffee House 'Check in'! 

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