Nov 15, 2010

It's never too early

I know its not even December but I am already dreaming about Christmas!!
The music, the decorations, the fun goodies and the cool weather that we get to enjoy.
Last weekend we had a bit of a cold front. I was so excited to break out the hot cocoa and tea and turn the heater on!

Here are a few popular Christmas gifts that I like and have found very useful! Maybe it can help you find ideas for your friends and family's gifts.

1. Roll up/hanging make-up bags.
2. Perfume
3. Heeled boots, flat boots all kinds of materials
4. Cannon SLR cameras
5. Macbooks
6. Make up brushes
7. Running/ipod/phone accessories
8. Tiffany's charms and pendants
9. Diamonds - always on my list.
10. Luggage - there are great places to find sets- marshalls, ross, walmart (believe it or not-"jeep"brand)
11. Holiday decorations
Ill update as the holiday gets closer. Good luck finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones.
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