Nov 15, 2010

Forever and Ever

My best friend Colleen just got married on Saturday and I am giddy with excitement! She is the most beautiful woman you could ever meet. I love her. I am her Matron of Honor, and being such requires many responsibilities that so many people forget about. I've decided to inform those ladies and gentlemen who seem to believe that being in a wedding is all about them..Wrongo! I love that people are happy to be in them but it is a common misconception that you should make it about yourself. This is a time to be a servant and be the great friend they picked you for! These days people think that you can hire everyone to do the decorating and the set up, but some of us don't want to spend $2,000 to have a set up and clean up crew. That's why we have a bridal party!

Your friendship means your duty. Here are a few Matron/Maid of Honor and Best Man duties. Of course you don't have to do everything but each person even bridesmaids and groomsmen should have a part in helping.

*Best Man Duties:
Plan Bachelor Party
Decorate the Getaway Vehicle
Give a toast at reception
Gift to groom on day of wedding

*Maid/Matron of Honor
Plan and Give Wedding/Bridal Shower - ask the bride & groom what they prefer
Plan Bachelorette Party
Decorate Honeymoon Suite if possible
Gift to bride on day of wedding
Pay any vendors final payments if due on wedding day
Make sure all vital pieces of the wedding are present - sign in book, decorations,
Make sure the bride has delegated responsibilities - cake cutting, someone to stand by gift and sign in table etc.
Check location of decorations, sign in table, cake, etc to the brides specifications
Make sure all gifts are in the intended car
After reception all decorations and set up stuff gets back to rightful owners
Make a 911 - bridal emergency kit
Food and water for while she is getting ready
Always answer when she calls!! Be there for her as much as you can! She will do the same for you!
Day of - have check lists of all her stuff and run through them.
Always be prepared. you never know what could happen!
Give Toast
Make sure that all her things she used to get ready end up in her suitcase for the honeymoon.
Give the car keys to the groom after loading all luggage. - so he doesnt have to find you b4 they leave.

Good luck with your friends and remember to be there for them because they will give you the same respect you do for your wedding!



  1. You're such a beautiful friend Shadia.
    ...and decorating your suite was so much fun and so special to me.
    Love you beautiful girl,

  2. thanks girl! you are so sweet!


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