Oct 19, 2011


About a week ago I posted about my current situation with my husband and moving to san antonio. We have been struggling to find work and had a really tough time learning what God was trying to teach us through our situation. But our faith and perseverance finally brought us Joy. Brent was hired on with a wonderful company that has tremendous opportunity. He has been finishing up the paperwork and details the passed few days and is anxious to get started! 


My current situation is hopeful! I am working at a Non Profit Coffee House called 'The Foundry' and im loving it! They staff is great and we have volunteers that come in and help all the time. Their enthusiasm for life at the foundry makes me so joyful when Im working.  I am also waiting to hear back from another company that has a lot of growth opportunity for me. I want to pursue my future career and i think this could be just what i need! 

Id like to thank God for the opportunities he has given us and all the friends and family that never stopped praying for our success in jobs! We love you all!! 


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