Jan 26, 2011

# 33 Complete!

This year was a great time of holidays and celebration. I have some wonderful opportunities to create lovely meals for family and friends and we decided to put our family strength to the test. 

Thanksgiving 2010 was held at the Phillips Home here in Good 'Ol Uvalde, Tx. 
We had both sides of our families present, including my dad who flew in from Missouri just for the weekend! It was beautiful. We had our Christmas Tree put up, lovely paisely table cloths and gorgeous centerpieces to add a touch of holiday charm.  

Technically we all brought different things to eat but Brent and I were loving the Hosting. We Deep-Fried the turkey and had a yummy Greek Salad and much more. We had so much leftovers from what everyone brought, we had to redistribute and send it home with family. :-) 

I know it says cook thanksgiving all by myself. But let's face it. Thats never going to happen because i love spending holidays with family. We wont probably ever be just the two of us on thanksgiving...Christmas is a Totally Different Story. Alone time. yes. 

Well i guess thats one more thing down in this roller-coaster we call life. 
Bucket List #33 Complete.

What's on your Bucket List? 
Shadia <+><

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