Dec 30, 2010

Everything Scarves

Scarves!!! I love them! Accessorizing an outfit can come as easy as adding a beautiful scarf. You can substitute a scarf for a necklace or just wear it for warmth. Whoever said that fashion isn't function, has clearly never met me. 

I have this thing for dressing up a casual outfit when I have limited resources. My husband and I travel a lot , especially recently. We moved to a remote area of Texas therefore we travel to see friends and family. So being able to mix and match outfits has become a familiar recurrence. 

Scarves can be beautiful and functional, you just have to know what to do with them. 

From my own closet ranging in color and size and formality...

 When dressing up a casual outfit for an evening out, or just warming up for the holidays, ask yourself one thing..."to add or not to add? a scarf, that is. 

Be comfy and cute!

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