Nov 1, 2010

What A Night

Hello lovely world,

Today I will be catching up on my 'honeydew list'. It was a splendid weekend with family and our youth group Halloween Party! We decorated our own cupcakes and had yummy sherbet punch (gingerale & lemon lime sherbet) so great! Then Brent and I sat on our porch and handed out candy to the neighborhood Trick Or Treaters. Well I sat on the porch...Brent decided it was a clever idea to sit on the roof and shoot plastic arrows at unsuspecting children (His costume was Green Arrow ). It was fun to see them react, and honestly, he shot me more than anyone else. None the less, it was a great night and one little girl even asked him to shoot her!

Now on for the daily chore list and my 1st of the month to do's.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween and was safe.

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