Nov 1, 2010

Customer Service is Important

O-EM-GEE!!!!!!!! Okay so I really never thought I'd use my blog to vent, but gee wiz!
Today I was running errands and catching up on my honeydew list, when I realized that it was time to pick up my bridesmaid dress for my best friends wedding. I swung by at about 3:30 to try it on and pay so I could get home to cook dinner.

So i try it on, and OH NO! It's lopsided! the bodice looks all bunchy. She then blames it on me b/c she said I was planning to lose weight! Ugh that made me very unhappy. You NEVER blame the imperfections on the customer. STRIKE ONE.

I decided I'd wait and maybe if it was pressed it might be okay. Moving on to pay. She tells me that what she quoted me is all wrong and charges me 1/3 more and she couldn't even tell me why! STRIKE TWO.

I told her that it was very unprofessional and I would like to know why the price would change so suddenly.
BTW she didn't take any notes while doing the work. She then blamed it on me because it had been 3 weeks since I was there. Boo. not my fault.

This was the last straw. She proceeded to check me out, "oh we only take cash" -(mind you, there was NO sign that said it, and no verbal warning before hand) at this point I was furious. It was 4:15 the bank was closed and I had to leave and come back AGAIN. STRIKE THREE!

So here is what everyone should know about good customer service! Never allow someone to run over you and if you have a bad experience tell them that you won't be coming back.
What to know:
1. companies should always have a sign with payment options if they have restrictions
2. they should stand by their work and never blame the customer
3. don't pay for something you didn't ask to be done. - they should never do work w/o permission.
4. let them know, that if they do a bad job, you wont come back
5. let them know, that if they do a great job, you will tell all your friends and return all the time.
6. be polite, but firm.

I really didn't want this to be all about complaining, so try to use these tactics when encountering problems in any type of customer/vendor disagreements.


  1. booo that's ridiculous. where was this?? maybe when you go back you'll get someone different?

  2. haha i wont be going back. lol it was this little hole in the wall place. here in uvalde. ick.


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