Nov 5, 2010

Emergency Bridal Kit

    So my best friend is getting married in 8 days and I am her Matron of Honor! Today I am working on the emergency bridal kit. Included is a list of items I feel necessary for the day of a wedding. The bride and bridesmaids will be very grateful if you bring these staple items.
It's pretty long but I am a "better safe than sorry" kind of person, always overly prepared.

1. a tote/bag
2. tooth brush/paste - travel size
3. small sewing kit
4. bobby pins
5. hair ties/ponies
6. hair spray
7. safety pins
8. floss/tooth picks
9. water bottle - cant hurt to have more.
10. a lunchable - snack
11. clear nail polish - tears and chipped nails
12. deoderant
13. q tips
14. kleenex
15. cotton swabs
16. nail polish remover
17. chapstick/lipgloss
18. scizzors
19. tweezers
20. pocket knife
21. nail files/buffer
22. tampons/liners
23. midol/pamprin
24. ibuprofen
25. blister pads
26. bandaids
27. oil absorbing blotters - for face
28. tums or antacid
29. lint roller
30. super glue
31. hair spray
32. straws - so you don't mess up lipstick etc
33. wet ones
34. stain wipes
35. baby powder
36. lotion
37. eye drops
38. contact lens solution
39. duct tape - so many uses, splinters,
40. razor - obvious reasons - i forgot on my own wedding day!
41. a hand towel
42. First Aid kit

   I think this is a complete list but everyone has unique additions. I have asthma so my inhalers are always on this list. Try to adapt it to your bride, first, then to everyone else in general. She is the most important person on that day! So give yourself about ten minutes and grab all this stuff so that in case of a sudden mishap, you are covered.

   You can buy them online and add your own needs, but I find it easier to just put it together myself. You can fill it with specific items of your own choice. Give it to a bridesmaid or whoever is closer to helping in another wedding. But if you are like me, you are in weddings as much as two or three times a year, you might just keep it!
Wal-Mart has travel and trial size everything! You can buy things for one dollar since you probably won't use them after/often.
Pack small items and find a cute bag to put it all in.
Pack according to category so that it's easy to find things.

Here are some pictures of the one I just put together :-)
I got a bag that matches the travel, "dot" bag, I already own. Convenient to say the least. Plus who doesn't love pink and zebra?

The Essentials
Larger zebra bag - bottles, liquids, sprays and first aid kit
Smaller zebra bag - all the medicine etc.
Small pink bag - sewing kit, and beauty essentials
I then loaded the three bags into this clear tote that has a convenient handle at the top! so cute. 

Have fun and Good luck!

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  1. matron of honor just sounds so old! haha. :P

    this list is awesome! i had barely any of it on my wedding day!! jesus knew i wouldn't be prepared, so he decided not to let anything happen, i guess. hehe.


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